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TTi - QPX1200 - Power Supply


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Suitable for bench or system use with terminals front and rear. The PowerFlex design offers voltage and current combinations between 60V/20A and 20V/50A. Mixed mode regulation with linear output stage gives low output noise. Both versions include an analogue interface. The SP version includes USB, RS232, GPIB and LAN (Ethernet) with support for LXI.

PowerFlex design gives variable voltage/current combinations
Up to 60V and up to 50A within power envelope
Setting by direct numeric entry or spin wheel
High setting resolution 1mV
3U sized casing suitable for bench-top or rack mounted use, front and rear terminals
Analogue remote control interface
Full range of digital interfaces, RS232, USB,LXI compliant LAN and GPIB (QPX1200SP only)

Operating modes Constant voltage or constant current with automatic crossover
Load regulation <0.02% +5mV
Line regulation <0.01% +5mV
Voltage setting By floating point numeric entry or rotary jog wheel; resolution 1mV
Current setting By floating point numeric entry or rotary jog wheel; resolution 10mA
Setting accuracy Voltage - 0.05% __5mV. Current 0.5% __10mA
Ripple & noise Typically < 3mV rms, < 40mV pk-pk, (20MHz bandwidth)
Protection functions Power Limiter, over-voltage, over-current and temperature trips
Meter resolution Voltage: 1mV (CV mode) or 10mV (CI mode), Current: 10mA, Power: 0.1W
Meter accuracy Voltage: 0.05% of reading __ 2 digits (CI mode)
- Current: 0.5% of reading __ 2 digits (CV mode)
- Power: 0.5% of reading __ 2 digits
Output switch Push switch operating electronic power control
Output terminals Front and rear output and sense terminals
Sensing Selectable local or remote sensing, front or rear
Special functions VxA (watts) and V/A (Ohms)

Analogue interface Control of voltage & current from digitised external voltage, 0 - 5V or 0 - 10V
Digital Interfaces (QPX1200SP only)
GPIB Conforming to IEEE-488.1 and IEEE-488.2
LAN interface Conforming to Ethernet standard and LXI (LAN eXtensions for Instrumentation)
RS-232 interface Variable baud rate 19,200 max
USB interface Standard USB hardware connection
Setting resolution Voltage - 1mV, Current 10mA
Readback resolution Voltage - 1mV, Current 10mA
General -
Safety Complies with EN61010-1
EMC Complies with EN61326
Dimensions W 350, H 130, D 415mm
Weight 8.8kg
Supply Voltage 110V to 240V AC __10%, 50/60Hz. Installation Category II
Rack Mount Compatible with TTi power supply rack kit type RM460

Supplied with
Manual, mains lead and CD containing driver software

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