Micrel Inc, MICRF620DEV1
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Micrel Inc - MICRF620DEV1 - Development Kit MICRF620Z

Micrel Inc

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The MICRF620DEV1, Development Kit MICRF620Z from Micrel Inc is brand new. This Item comes with a full UK warranty & is RoHS Compliant.

This product is RoHS compliant.


433MHz RadioWire__ Development System

The development system provides hands-on experience with the RadioWire__ MICRFxxx transceivers. The user can use the included firmware and hardware, or make a new program and Flash it into the microcontroller. Hence the user can use the boards both to evaluate the MICRFxxx, and as an aid in the development of a radio communication system.

Automatic hopping: In __2-way Link Test Mode__ and _Advanced Byte Transfer Mode__: development board jumps to a new channel approx 10 times/sec. Channels are used randomly
PIC18LF4320 microcontroller for easy firmware upgrade/testing.
Plugs directly into ICD2 debug tool from Microchip
External antenna on SMA connector
User interface: RS-232 or logic level I/O pins (9600-8-N-1)
4xDIP switches to select mode of operation
LED to indicate power on
LED to indicate RF powered
4xLEDs to indicate status or control information
Possible to use 5 external I/O pins (for user FW development)
Possible to monitor the interface between RF chip and microcontroller via header pins
Possible to measure RF-part power consumption

Supplied with

RS-232 cable, battery, CD-ROM


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